Log Hive Rescue

Earlier this week I got a call out to transfer a #nativebeehive from a log into a box. I was lucky enough to finish the rescue just before that massive storm hit! Here are the basic steps I follow when doing a transfer:

1)      Transfer brood as gently as possible into the centre of the box, hopefully you will get some emergency queen cells!

2)      Place any unbroken honey and pollen pots on the outer edges of the box.

3)      Collect any excess/broken honeyand pollen pots for harvesting later.

4)      Clean up any spilt honey with a wet cloth.

5)      Strap the box up, sticking taping around the join, to prevent predators from laying the eggs in the join.

6)      Re-strap the log.

7)      Glad wrap the entire log, cutting only a hole for the entrance, fingers crossed it will re-queen also!

UPDATE: As I touched on the other day, when you do a log transfer, you re-strap and cling warp the hole thing, leaving just and entrance hole and hope that it re-queens. Here's an update on the log rescue on Monday- "I went and had a sneak peek at the relocated log and there is plenty of bee activity...Bees are happy and busy this morning rebuilding - they are extremely active...Not much, but man it is YUMMY!"

I'm based in Brisbane, however hives further south can produce less honey due to lower temperatures, therefore it's always really important to be respectful when harvesting honey! I only ever take what's in surplus and always leave more than enough stores for the hive. Usually whatever gets broken during a transfer/rescue or if an established hive box- what's in the honey super. I was taught; the principle of napatji napatji, - I give to you, you give to me. It has to be a two way relationship with you and the bees. One based on mutual respect. 

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Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton is an Australian Stingless Beekeeper based in Brisbane, Queensland, with hives available for purchase throughout the East Coast of Australia. 

Australian native bees help pollinate your gardens and or crops, helping them bloom to their greatest potential, they produce a unique honey and they are stingless. The good news is that it is very simple to install and maintain a hive of your own, just contact Sarah to get started.

Sarah’s page is dedicated to providing any products, information, videos/photos, stories that are bee related and always welcomes your in-put/feedback. You can contact Sarah via the website, or email sarah@beeyourself.com.au, or call 0433 226 791.

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Bee Trivia

Australian scientists have learnt that over a six year period 10 million hives worldwide collapsed, according to a recent snippet in the Time Magazine (Feb, 2014).

In the study cited by the Times Magazine, they were able to track honeybees using little bee-sized microchips and follow them from flower back to the hive (or not, as the case may be).

As some of the bees had pesticide added to their little microchip backpacks, the scientists were able to observed how this effected pollination. While the results were not published, we will be keeping an eye out for them. The demise of the bees greatly influences the world's food sources.

Photo Courtesy of Malcolm Waite.

Upcoming March Native Bee Workshops by Dr Tim Heard



Eatons Hill, Brisbane, Qld, 6 March 2015
When: Friday March 6th 9.30am till 3.30pm
Where: Yuraba Conference Centre 240 Church Rd Eatons Hill
What: native bee workshop. Includes workshop, morning tea, delicious lunch and honey tasting in the afternoon.
How much: $40/person
To register, contact Kim kimp@kumbartcho.org.au or 33253492

Dr Tim Heard, Brisbane's bee guru presenting at a recent native bee workshop.