How many bees in a hive?

A recently split hive may have approximately 5000 bees, but after it becomes well established there may be upwards of 10,000 bees.


What are the dimensions of the hive?


How long does a bee live?

The hive as an organism can out live you or I, but the individual bee’s life span is approximately 100 days in total; 50 days from an egg to morphing into a bee, the another 50 days as an adult bee.


When a bee dies the hive replace it?

Yes, the queen is always laying new eggs, so there are always new bees.


How does the weather affect the hive?

Is it safe for children and pets to play near the hive?

What maintenance is involved?

Do I have to feed or provide water for the bees?

How many hives can I have in my suburban yard?

How do I know when to split the hive?

Are there any predators to the hive?

Does the hive need shade or rain protection?

Do bees inhabit an empty box?