12 Month Warranty

A hive can look quite active and healthy for some time after a split, even if it has failed to re-queen. A 12 month warranty guarantees it has re-queened successfully, and also allows the hive to establish itself in the new environment through each of the seasons.

Conditions of the Warranty:

Void if there has been a heatwave (temperatures over 42 degrees Celsius).  

Void if it has been placed without full shade.

Void if the hive box has been opened, dropped, or tampered with.

Void if it has been moved outside of its natural geographical range.

Warranty does not cover the delivery fees for the hive to be returned, or a new hive sent.  

Replacement hives will be arranges as soon as possible, however it is dependent upon climate, supply and delivery specifications. 

If you think there is a problem with your hive, please Contact me with your name, phone number, the date hive was purchased, and a brief description of what your concerns are, and I will respond as soon as possible with instructions on how to go about getting a replacement.


Books can be delivered anywhere within Australia. Once payment has been received, you will receive a notification with an ETA. 

If you are ordering a live hive, delivery is dependent upon climate and supply, and is only available within the natural geographical range of the species. Please contact me for more info on this.